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JIKE is a character in the project JIkE.

He was born in 2006, died in 2019, because of eating all the shits in Berlin in one night. Adolf's men him by gun.

When Jike first became famous, it was because his shoes. His shoes were really, really, terribly, pretty SMELLY that can compare to a chemical. I smelled it and I lost my sense of smell.

Then, his underwear made him famous again. It is said that he can use ONE underwear for 2 WEEKS! He just don't CHANGE it! The centre of the underwear is YELLOW! We last found one in the trash can.It's DRIED OUT! Disgusting!

Then, the first term ended.

In the beginning of the second term, even 1801 knew him! Because of two things:

  1. His clothes. According to my research on JIKE's schedule, he just put it into water for LESS THAN ONE SECOND and throw it into his closet without even WASHING it, and that made his closet very SMELLY, the smell is just the smell of WET clothes, and that made his roommates very uncomfortable.
  2. His way of showering.One day, I accidentally saw him putting a basin over his head, heading toward the toilet. Water comes out from the toilet(there's a HOLE on the door of 307 toilet), splashing to Jike. After being splashed for a while, he said that he's done washing his body, because the water also contains some shower gel. He was very SMELLY and DISGUSTING.

Then, his totally famous from that time on. His true name is Jake(Shinier) Duane, so we called him Kill(断,断绝) the World's(世,世界上的) Bad Guys (桀,所有坏人的总称). And we keep calling him Jake and writing his name in the new way to have fun. As time passed by, the pronunciation of Jake became Jike(I invented it!)