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The JIKE Project is a project which is used to Kichiku JIKE.

JIKE is a junior high school student in Shenzhen. For more, see his own introduction.

His Kichiku began from his classmates keep making fun of his name by calling him Jake instead of his Chinese name. As time goes by, the pronounciation of Jake became Jike, in Chinese means someone who stays at home all the time. Then, his Kichiku began.

The first Kichiku of JIKE was his basketball show. In the show, his face was like a variety of emjoys, so he was recorded and first Kichikued by an up at called Forgotten Coast_.

Then, some "good news" of his lifestyle in 307 came out and everyone in the class knew it. So, we Kichikued more and more of JIKE.

Now, we have two JIKE Movies and one episode of JIKE's treasure. But, we were caught by the teacher for making fun of others. So, we'll continue on making videos of JIKE's treasure, but in a good way. We want to make this show a way to let our classmates learnsome interesting stuff of history in a funny way.

But we'll update JIKE's Kichiku anytime, when we have any good ideas!

If you have any idea of the new JIKE Kichiku, please register a Fandom account and write at the page bottom.

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